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Nokia's 6788 for China Mobile hops across the Pacific for FCC meeting

Chris Ziegler

The 6788 looks just different enough from any other Nokia in the lineup that you might find yourself with an irresistible, inexplicably urge to own one (or destroy one, depending on your disposition), but unless you happen to be within earshot of a China Mobile outlet, you're probably going to be out of luck. Of course, that leads to the obvious questions of why a China-only Nokia -- the company's first to support TD-SCDMA, in fact -- would've found its way into an FCC lab. The answer's far less sensational than you might've liked: China Mobile's TD-SCDMA footprint is still a drop in the bucket of its much larger GSM coverage area, which means the 6788's gotta support it, and part of that is a US-usable 1900MHz radio. Without 850MHz coverage, you'd have to have an almost committable obsession with this trick one-off to justify using it in the States, but hey, good news -- if you do, you'll be legal.

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