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The time-lapse evolution of a Castle Crashers boss


The Behemoth, purveyor of fine classic-style action games with lovely high-res 2D artwork, has posted a nice time-lapse video on its developer blog showcasing the evolution of one of its Castle Crashers boss characters. In it, we get to see The Painter come a long way from his meager palette-sporting beginnings to the giant roller-wielding, toolbox-for-a-head monster we've come to know and despise.

It's not often that we get a glimpse at this aspect of the development process -- perhaps because a time-lapse video of an artist creating the 3D model for, say, the Joker from Batman: Arkham Asylum would be the length of most theatrical releases. The Behemoth's video, after the break, is thankfully only seven-and-a-half minutes long.

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