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Alganon's State of the Game address

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Alganon is scheduled for launch in less than a week, and has already released its first State of the Game address.

The first piece of information is good news: they are set for the December 1st launch with no delays in sight. The Alganon team has been working hard lately, taking the servers down more frequently to patch and update, which should help to minimize problems at launch. The address did mention the postponement of the original launch date, citing a desire for the most polished game possible -- reasoning that we can certainly support.

The address sent out a big thank you to the Alganon community and beta testers, expressing appreciation for their enthusiasm in expressing feedback, opinions and suggestions, both in game and on the forums. Alganon didn't hesitate to tackle the tougher questions either, specifically those dealing with a rocky ride for beta testers, and the oft-asked question "Why does this game look so much like WoW?"

The full address can be viewed at the official site, and we wish Alganon the best of luck on next week's launch.

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