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Allods Online enters second closed beta, and we have keys for you!

Shawn Schuster

Looking for something else to be thankful for this holiday weekend (in the US)? Allods Online is set to enter its second closed beta stage of testing for North American players on December 1st at 2pm EST, and we have 4,000 keys to give out to the Massively readers. To grab your own key, head on over to our giveaway page and follow the directions posted there.

This closed beta stage will run from December 1st through the 15th and feature six new zones: two new zones for the League, three new zones for the Empire, plus an exclusive zone only available to the Warden archetype. There will also be a new diverse set of enemies (Massive Drakes, Harpies, Scorpions, and Arctic Yetis), and an increased level cap to Level 20. Also be sure to check out our First Impressions video on the game to see what we thought about it in this early stage.

[Reminder: This stage of beta won't start until December 1st, so hold onto your keys until then!]

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