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New EVE Online trailer shows the glory of Dominion

In just a matter of days -- December 1st to be exact -- Dominion will be launching, bringing an early holiday gift for EVE Online players around the world. For those not familiar, Dominion, the 12th free expansion in CCP's ever-evolving interstellar game of life, will bring enormous changes to the sovereignty system and ship re-balancing -- aspects of what many consider EVE Online's "endgame." Along with the change to sov, pilots in New Eden can look forward to Pirate faction epic story-arcs, a fleet finder, refinement to the new player experience, and even long-needed but less obvious tweaks like an improved mail system and in-game browser.

Of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that CCP are also increasing the beauty of New Eden once again by introducing new procedurally-generated planet textures -- a welcome addition for those who may not spend all their time in 0.0. After all, while the huge battles are awesome to watch, empires can be toppled by one person quietly flying around, minding their own business -- and yours. Be sure to check out the full Dominion site for all the juicy details of what's to come on the first. Alternately, if you just like enormous space battles made of 100% unadulterated ass-kicking awesome, then check behind the break for the new Dominion trailer. You won't be disappointed!

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