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Thanksgiving surprise: Four free days in Champions Online

Kyle Horner

This ain't no ordinary free weekend. Cryptic is offering a full four days worth of free time in Champions Online starting Thanksgiving day at 10am PST -- or Thursday, November 26th to the American holiday challenged. The free time will go on until the following Monday and end at precisely 10am PST. The timing isn't too surprising, as returning players will be able to check out the recent Nemesis Confrontation update that went live just yesterday.

Hopefully things go much more smoothly than the last time there was a free weekend. Although, we're curious as to who'll be watching the servers on Thursday. We expect a vast majority of people to be lined with food and edging on the precipice of nap time. Maybe Cryptic is employing robots or Canadians to run their servers for a day. Unless... unless they're the same thing...

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