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'Turbo' movie trumps Natal, Sphere and Wii MotionPlus

Kevin Kelly

We talked about the trailer for Turbo back in April, and now director Jarrett Conaway has put the entire short film up on the web for maximum watchability. While it's a short film, it manages to make a movie about video games look like ... a movie about video games (and not some overblown Bay-gasm). It also stars Justin Chon, one of the bit players from this weekend's mega-money-making New Moon, though he's thankfully not playing an emo crybaby in this.

Conaway describes his film as "The Karate Kid meets Tron," but it actually feels more like The Wizard updated with tons of CGI. Except there's no Nintendo Power Glove in it. But don't fret, there are gloves in this short film. And they definitely have some power.

Check out all of Turbo after the break. Conaway is hoping to make a full-length version of the film soon, which means you could see Turbo: The Video Game of the Video Game Movie at a store near you.

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