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WoW Moviewatch: Achievement Wh0re


Achievement Wh0re
is a new song by Gigi and Nation. (Nation was once Abandonation, but I'm not sure if the label change is purposeful, or just a hip contraction.) The video was created by WoPairs, who shows an excellent eye for character portraiture in this piece.

The song is dedicated to those who seek out achievements to the cost of all else. I'm not much of an achievement guy, so I found the send-up of it to be pretty amusing. I guess I see how some folks are really into them, but achievements feel like one really long grind to me.

Notably, this piece is an entirely original song. And while I always feel out of my depth evaluating rap, I definitely salute Gigi and Nation for expanding in that direction. It's fantastic to see the pair growing as artists, and creating new art in the musical belf-o-sphere. I'm interested in seeing what they might do next, if this video's success encourages them to keep creating new stuff.

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