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Aion's community address for November

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The November community address for Aion is out, and it's mostly good news.

The good news, of course, includes the stunning nine-minute trailer depicting the future of Aion. Player response was overwhelmingly positive, and netted NCsoft more than a few immediate resubs. The Community Team has also been doing a good amount of work that, while not quite as fun to look at as the trailer, brings results that players can't help but be just as happy about. The Aion team has set up a dedicated Game Surveillance Unit focused solely on taking out bots, gold spammers, and the like. (It seems to be working so far, a recent Tweet reports over 27,000 botting accounts banned this week.) The community address also mentioned the ubiquitous grind complaints. Some short-term changes to grind, loot, and risk vs. reward are on the way, and a more long-term solution seems to be in the works.

On the downside, the server transfer system has been delayed until the Community Team can be sure of releasing a solid finished product. It's a frustrating issue for players, but hopefully the delay will be worth it.

The full community address can be read here.

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