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Breakfast Topic: What are you thankful for?

Michael Sacco

It's Pilgrim's Bounty, folks, and that means that it's a time for family. A time for friends. A time for giving. A time for mercilessly slaughtering hundreds of thousands of helpless game birds. And a time, of course, to be thankful. While you stuff your polygonal face with potatoes, pie, and, of course, the ol' bird, remember to keep that in mind. So, on that note ...

What on Azeroth are you thankful for this Pilgrim's Bounty? What's warming your heart besides cholesterol?

Me, I'm thankful for heirloom items. I'm thankful for The Art of War and Judgments of the Wise. I'm thankful for Predatory Strikes and Lightning Overload. I'm thankful for my readers and my faction leaders.

And you guys? How about you? Pass the gravy and let us know.

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