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Massively's Black Friday MMO sales guide

Kyle Horner

The holidays are officially here (if you're a retail chain, then they've been here for about a month) and so it's time to start looking for deals to give to either your MMO-playing loved ones or, well, yourself! Shopping can be a pretty big hassle, especially if you're not accustomed to hunting for the best deals. So, we've gone and outlined the season's new releases, as well as some places you can hope to find sales in the coming weeks.

EVE Dominion

With sovereignty mechanics (IE player captured space mechanics) receiving a substantial overhaul, EVE Online players have a lot to look forward to come December 1st. Dominion won't cost you a single bit of change, but it's the perfect reason to resubscribe for veteran players. Additionally, it's pure added incentive for anyone considering picking the game up for the first time. Read more about Dominion in our in-depth coverage of the free update.

Lord of the Rings Online: Siege of Mirkwood

Be on the lookout for any deals this weekend on Lord of the Rings Online's new expansion set to release on December 1st. The new content offers plenty to players at the price of $20 -- or $30 if you're buying the whole game for the first time. More specifically, Siege of Mirkwood adds a new zone, plenty of new dungeons, another five player levels and the new Skirmish system. You can find out even more about the game via our extensive coverage.

Guild Wars: Eye of the North

NCsoft is offering customers the Eye of the North expansion free when you buy any other Guild Wars campaign -- this includes those who buy the trilogy!

Sony Online Entertainment's Station Cash

We already mentioned it before, but any Station Cash card you redeem until next Sunday at 10pm PST will net you a 25% bonus when the points go towards EverQuest, EverQuest II and Free Realms. Don't miss out SOE players!

Nexon America games

There are lots of games getting Black Friday deals over at Nexon. You'll want to check each game's site to see the specifics, but we can at least point you to each game and let you know the sales dates for each.

Combat Arms - November 27th-30th

Dungeon Fighter Online - Nov. 25th-Dec. 1st

MapleStory - Nov. 27th-30th

Mabinogi - Nov. 26th-30th


Valve's known for their weekend deals, and we're certain this weekend will be no different. While we can't proclaim to know if any MMOs will be on sale, there's always a good chance at least one or two should be reduced in price. So keep your eyes peeled for any deals.


The same goes for Amazon and its yearly Black Friday sales, although at the very least they've got a page where you can be on the lookout for any special deals. Typically, Amazon releases their sales periodically over the course of the day, so this is one you'll have to keep hitting F5 on for a while.


While there are no sales at the moment, you may want to keep an eye out for MMO deals on November 27th, just in case. D2D have been known to have some good sales now and again.

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