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Apple's one-day sale hits the US store

Joachim Bean

After seeing that yellow sticky for just a little while, Apple has posted the Black Friday specials in the US store. The products on sale include:
  • iMacs (21.5 and 27 inch) and MacBook Pros (13, 15 and 17 inch) are discounted $101, and start from $1098.
  • You can save $11 on an iPod nano, which can be purchased from $138 today.
  • You can also save $21 on a 8GB iPod touch, $31 on an 32GB iPod touch and $41 on a 64GB iPod touch.
  • You can get an Apple TV for $208, a savings of $21.
There's also discounted prices on software, Mac accessories, iPhone and iPod accessories, so there's something hopefully for everyone.

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