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WoW Moviewatch: Bad Romance


Warning: There's some slightly not-safe-for-work imagery at the opening of this video. I've stared pretty intently at the film. And while there's not much that would directly lead it to an "R" rating, it's still a little risque for the cubicle farm. Try to watch this one at home.

Bad Romance by Quixotica came highly recommended to me by Selserene. How could I not leap to check out a video with that kind of recommendation? When I viewed the film, I was in no way disappointed. Quixotica managed to create a breathtaking, beautiful video.

Some of the dialogue is a little funny. "Purr for daddy" has become one of my favorite joke-lines around the house, and you can imagine how much my beloved fiancee loves hearing it. But I think Quixotica created this video with that kind of satire in mind, and I think she really drove home the genre and theme of her video. It's about betrayal and hope, and she relies on a certain level of tongue-in-cheek self-awareness to keep those themes from becoming over-powering. If it had been any more over the top, it would have entered Twilight levels of angsty silliness.

Quixotica should be commended for her artistic vision, and her ability to bring together video imagery with a wonderful soundtrack. I truly hope she picks up a second installment for this video, because I'd like to see where the story goes.

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