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Dragonica Online raises the Veil of Darkness

Not content to sit on their laurels with the recent launch of their fun free-to-play game, Dragonica Online, THQ*ICE has now added and expanded their world with their recent free expansion, the Veil of Darkness. This veil has now cut off the lands of Drakos from the population of loyal Dragonicans, and forebodes a new evil. Dragonica Online's newest update has been hotly anticipated by players for some time but was held back to ensure that the content was fixed up as best they could before they released it into the world -- always a plan we can get behind!

Among the myriad details of all the goodness jam packed into patch 1.1.4, the Veil of Darkness, players' max level is now 65, better equipping them to take on the 40+ new quests -- including new epic monster quests and dungeons. The pet system has now been incorporated, allowing players to complete quests to pick up friendly pets at level 20, 30, and 40. There are some really excellent additions to the shop too with new vanity items, items to expand bag space for the MMO pack-rats, and a recall card that allows players to save their location on the field map -- definitely a welcome option. Along with all of this the game has had a complete overhaul in terms of rebalancing to bring more fun to the table for players. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, be sure to pop over to the Dragonica Online site and read the full patch notes for all the specifics.

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