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EVEMail system reworked for Dominion expansion

James Egan

While it's the major features coming in EVE Online's next expansion, Dominion, that have caught people's attention -- namely the sov changes -- there are a number of smaller things CCP is baking into the release. The developers are also addressing some long-standing issues that have been in need of a solution. The existing in-game mail system is, quite frankly, painful to use if you need to sift through and manage a decent volume of messages in a given session.

Fortunately this is about to change. Dominion will roll out with a new EVEMail system, and here are a few highlights of what will arrive this Tuesday:

  • Tagging (labels) for better organization of messages, pre-defined and custom labels
  • Mailing lists now integrated into the mail system rather than chat channels
  • A notification manager, keeping NPC communications separate from those of your friends (and enemies)
  • Sort by date rather than by sender
  • An actual Sent box (I can't be the only one that hated not having this)
  • From December 1st onward mail will be stored locally on your computer
There are also other UI improvements and a few new features on the way, including changes to the chat interface and the addition of Corp/Alliance bulletin boards. This is all discussed in greater detail in CCP Caedmon's dev blog, but from the images found there, it seems EVEMail is going to have a much cleaner interface. It should also function as a proper mail client that will offer players much more than the simple messaging platform used in the game today. Post-Dominion, the EVEMail system will have web access through the game's New Eden social network. Caedmon adds that this web access to in-game mail will be released in stages over the coming months.

Reaction from the players about these changes seems fairly positive so far, and we think most players would agree that an overhaul of EVEMail was needed.

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