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Nokia shows off SNES on N900, quickly thinks better of it


A little bit of emulation is a basic rite of passage for a modern day device that allows open software development, and the N900 is no different. We first saw the device rocking some SNES way back in September, but apparently Nokia couldn't pass up an opportunity to demonstrate the phone's prowess and put up its own video of a few emulators in action. Unfortunately, while emulators are completely legal, the ROMs that run on them are rarely legit, and despite Nokia's odd assertion in the video that "most publishers allow individual title usage provided that the user is in possession of the original title," the phone giant has since pulled the video from the internets, and Nintendo is reportedly looking into the matter. Of course, N900 emulatin' is still easy to come by from third parties -- check one out after the break.

[Thanks, Nirvan]

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