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Scivelation's year old 'trailer' reveals name and engine change


Something we've been saying since TopWare Interactive and Black Wing Foundation first announced their upcoming third-person shooter, Scivelation – what's with the name?! At first we thought it might be a weird play on the word "civilization," but quickly realized it was missing a syllable.

It was an odd surprise then when we spotted a trailer for the game (found after the break) on Russian gaming site Absolute Games 1.5, though rather than a "Scivelation" logo at the end, we noticed one for a game titled "Salvation." So we contacted TopWare Interactive to find out what was up and were told the video we found is actually not the "first official trailer" for Scivelation, but rather an "old trailer that Black Wing [Foundation] did under the name 'Salvation' that has very little to do with the game Scivelation." More accurately, Scivelation started life as Salvation – "a game from last year with a basic premise that we really enjoyed" – though at the time it was running on Source Engine rather than its current game engine, Unreal.

If you're left feeling as hollow inside as we were after finding out that the accented, fairly confusing, and kinda goofy video isn't from the newest build of Scivelation, take refuge in the fact that the game's developers are completely rewriting the story "to give it a solid story arc with distinct and engaging characters that we feel are going to capture the gaming audience." So there's that, right?

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