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The Daily Grind: Have you been playing the Champions Online free weekend?

Eliot Lefebvre

It was certainly a nice surprise when we found out that Champions Online was going to run another free weekend over the Thanksgiving holiday. Not the biggest news, certainly, but nice in a "finding two dollars in your wallet that you didn't know you had" sort of way. And of course, there are always people who will take a gander at something if it's free, people who've been interested in seeing the latest updates to the game, and folks who wanted to take part in the Blood Moon event but had certain... technical issues.

There's a bit more than a day left, so today we ask: have you been taking part in the free Champions Online goodness? Has it improved or gotten worse, if you played before? If you're new the game, was it enjoyable or underwhelming? And if you had specifically opted out, why did you decide not to give it a chance? We're interested to hear your impressions, positive and negative. And if you're already playing the game, have you noticed more new faces running around this weekend?

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