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Blizzard: Developing World of Warcraft clones 'not the right move'

Say what you will about MMO market dominator Blizzard Entertainment, but it truly cares about the well-being of its competitors. In a recent interview with gaming magazine PC Zone, Blizzard's Shane Dabiri offered some helpful advice for his fellow MMO developers: "There are a lot of people that try to emulate World of Warcraft - and as flattering as that is our end it's definitely not the right move."

Dabiri posits that the MMORPG-playing community -- particularly those who've already sunk months into WoW -- want "to try something completely new and different" in their online games. This is terrible, terrible news for Snowstorm Interactive, whose fantasy-themed MMO Planet of ConflictMaking is due out next month. Time for some originality, guys. Ooh, we know! A superhero game! No, wait, a space simulator! Better yet, an interactive forum for sexual deviants! Brilliant!

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