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Nook begins shipping, in select Barnes & Noble stores on December 7th


If you missed getting in your Nook pre-order there's still hope to nab the dual-display Barnes & Noble reader in time for the holidays. A Wall Street Journal piece says that Nook will be "available for sale or for demonstration purposes" in select, high-volume B&N stores starting December 7th -- a week later than expected as B&N tries to fulfill unexpectedly high consumer demand following the ereader's October 20th announcement. Of course, it's impossible to say if the sell-out translates to high sales or just poor planning on B&N's part as it dips a tentative toe into the fickle waters of consumer electronics. Nevertheless, anyone who ordered before November 20th will still receive theirs for Christmas while everyone else will receive theirs on January 4th as we already heard. Now if only Barnes & Noble would clarify what it means by "high-volume stores" we could plan our road-trips accordingly.

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