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Creating the planets of EVE Online

James Egan

One of the nice things EVE Online players have to look forward to with the Dominion expansion launch today is the addition of redesigned planets. EVE developer CCP jBot was recently interviewed about the game's new look at MMOZONE and explained how CCP Games generated the planets with their in-house development environment. The work was done in tandem with the company's Shanghai team working on the ground-based DUST 514; the shaders they created allow the devs to manipulate landmasses and oceans, cloud density, city lights, and even regions with vegetation. Textures for 10 different planet types coupled with new planet shaders "should ensure that every planet in EVE is unique," said CCP jBot. The end result is that New Eden will now have procedurally generated gas giants and ice planets, not to mention various terrestrial worlds.

CCP's goal is to have the look of a given planet be identical in both EVE Online and DUST 514. CCP jBot told MMOZONE: "We're working hard to make sure when you're in space over your favorite planet in EVE or on the ground of that same planet in DUST 514 that it feels right. Obviously there are different constraints between console and PC that we live under which could mean a slight difference in the look but we're pretty excited about how things are looking on all platforms."

Check out the "Planets in Dominion" interview at MMOZONE for more on the visual improvements on the way with this latest EVE expansion.

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