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D3 Publisher: Puzzle Quest 2 won't have Galactrix's load time issues

As exciting as the prospect of Puzzle Quest in Space might have been, the excitement offered by Galactrix was completely derailed by the game's outrageously lengthy load times. However, in a recent interview with Kotaku, D3 Publisher's Michael Cerven claimed that the recently announced Puzzle Quest 2 won't be plagued by the frequent intermissions, as developer Infinite Interactive "rebuilt the DS engine from the ground up to be fast and perform smoothly with very quick load times as opposed to retrofitting the lead SKU code for the DS."

If Cerven's claims are true, we suppose this is good news for the impatient puzzle-solvers out there. However, we got so much stuff done during Galactrix's near-constant loading screens. We even learned to speak Esperanto! Ĉi tiu estas rakonto pri videoludoj!

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