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Eco-Box: a greener way to protect games

Justin McElroy

If you've bought a new 360 game recently, you may have already noticed this curiously Trivial Pursuit-inspired packaging being employed for titles like Left 4 Dead 2 and Modern Warfare 2. According to the Viva Group, the company that designed the packaging, the new "Eco-Box" is not only better for the environment (using 20 percent less plastic and creating 31 percent less CO2 emissions) but has "no real difference in quality or performance" when compared with standard packaging, reports IGN.

We, on the other hand, worry that the cheaper, flimsier feel of the cases (which will come to the Wii and possibly PS3) will turn people off. After all, If we have to choose between our grandkids drowning in a melted glacier someday or holding sturdy game packaging right now, we're going to go with the packaging every single time.

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