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Massively's Alganon launch day roundup

Shawn Schuster

With Alganon's launch today, fans -- or potential fans -- of the game may be looking for more information on the fantasy MMO from Quest Online. To help you out, we've compiled this comprehensive roundup of our best Alganon coverage. Plus, look for a letter from Quest Online's David Allen on the state of the game's launch and a look into the future. Check out the interviews and galleries below, and be sure to let us know how you're enjoying the game so far.
Alganon community interview: Your questions answered
Last week, we reached out to the Massively readers for questions to ask the team at Quest Online regarding the upcoming Alganon MMO. David Allen, president and co-founder of the studio, stepped up to answer the ten questions chosen for him by us.
Alganon's State of the Game address
The first piece of information is good news: they are set for the December 1st launch with no delays in sight. The Alganon team has been working hard lately, taking the servers down more frequently to patch and update, which should help to minimize problems at launch. The address did mention the postponement of the original launch date, citing a desire for the most polished game possible -- reasoning that we can certainly support.
Massively's pre-launch interview with Alganon
After a newly-announced launch delay, we now have just under a month before Quest Online's Alganon releases to the public. Now in its beta stage, Alganon has enjoyed mixed reviews since the NDA was lifted two weeks ago. We thought we'd take this opportunity to ask some of the questions floating around about this new fantasy MMO, and how it sets itself apart from existing fantasy MMOs.

Alganon to be exclusively distributed through Direct2Drive
Alganon fans, you're going to want to make sure you're keeping an eye on Direct2Drive, as Quest Online has announced an exclusive partnership to sell the game solely through the online digital distribution service.
Alganon devs field questions on the studies system, crafting, and high level content
Chances are you still have some questions about the game, seeing as we really only started noticing it a few months ago. Recently the game's developers Quest Online gave members of the community a chance to send in some queries for a Developer Roundtable. The results of that Q&A session are now in, with the team tackling four questions:
Alganon screenshot gallery
A collection of screenshots from Quest Online's Alganon, including many exclusives just for Massively.

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