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ReSubbed Episode 3: Anarchy Online


Tuesday's in the house and you know what that means -- it's ReSubbed time! This week on the show we're visiting the land of Rubi-Ka in Funcom's first MMO endeavor, Anarchy Online.

Joining Sera on the adventure this week is Shawn Schuster (podcaster extraordinaire) and the usual flavoring of Kyle Horner (columnist superhero.) What will this intrepid trio find on the shores of the tutorial zone? Will they understand the ancient and archaic skill system? Will one of them perish to the dangerous flora of a forbidden, sci-fi planet? (Spoiler: Ohhhhhh yeah.)

Well if any of this intrigues you (or you want to see what Anarchy Online looks like these days) jump on through the break and press that play button to be served with a brand new episode of ReSubbed!

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