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Square Enix edutaining Japan's children with Miffy


Last year, Square Enix released a couple of licensed DS games in Japan based on Snoopy and Pingu, targeted at children. While the Pure Dreams label didn't last beyond those two games, the company is still producing licensed content for young gamers, most recently in the form of a Miffy game for Wii.

Oyako de Asobo Miffy no Omochabako (Play for Kids and Parents Miffy's Toybox) is an edutainment game with 25 different minigames, all featuring the adorable, X-mouthed rabbit, designed for parents and youngsters to play together. A coloring minigame can be transferred from the Wii game to the DS.

When Final Fantasy XIII comes out in North America in March, it'll already be old hat to Japanese gamers, who will be eagerly awaiting the March 18 release of this game.

[Via Siliconera]

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