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UK Bayonetta pre-order bonuses revealed


We're not sure why publishers decided that purchasing a game should be more difficult, but the recent trend of retailer exclusive pre-order goodies seems to be here to stay. Case in point: the various pre-order bonuses for Bayonetta in the UK. Those who pre-order at will receive the Bayonetta Climax Edition, pictured above on the left. Meanwhile, HMV pre-orders get a "Manga's Leading Ladies" DVD, which features "full episodes, trailers and exclusive clips" of something. Perhaps the coolest bonus, though, belongs to, which offers a replica of one of Bayonetta's guns, Scarborough Fair.

All three are being offered for £39.99, so the only decision you really have to make is which bonus you like the best. Well, that and whether or not you ever want to invite a pretty girl into your home.

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