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Accessory listing suggests Verizon's Motorola Calgary is near

Chris Ziegler

Now that Droid mania's starting to calm down just a bit, it's time to turn our attention back to that rumored second model in Verizon's Android-powered line from Motorola, the so-called Calgary. We don't have any details on a release window, but whenever accessories show up on an authorized partner's site that list the unreleased phone by name, that's usually a promising sign. And yes, that rule applies no matter how mundane that accessory may be -- in this case, a lowly micro-USB cable that this company has the ludicrous idea of selling for 20 bucks. Of course, Instinct HD accessories showed up months before the phone's release -- back when it was known by an entirely different name, in fact -- so we wouldn't necessarily want to get any hopes up for a 2009 drop date just yet.

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