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EVE's 4th CSM election results are in

James Egan

Election results for EVE Online's 4th Council of Stellar Management (CSM) are in. The CSM are players elected by the game's subscribers, given the responsibility of representing the collective interests of the playerbase to EVE Online's developer CCP Games. The hope is that future game changes and features will be in keeping with how the subscribers like to play EVE.

The announcement from EVE developer CCP Xhagen earlier today lists the election results by real name, character name, location and number of votes:

  • Tomas Ljumovic, "ElvenLord", Serbia, 1553 votes (Chairman)
  • Greg Russo, "Alekseyev Karrde", United States, 1234 votes
  • John Zastrow, "Zastrow", United States, 1233 votes
  • Jason Renouf, "TeaDaze", Guernsey, 1229 votes
  • Asher Dratel, "Mrs Trzzbk", United States, 1077 votes
  • Andrey Antonov, "Korvin", Russia, 1023 votes
  • Denis Descheneaux, "Z0D", United Kingdom, 909 votes
  • Jaime Tiampo, "Song Li", Canada, 745 votes
  • Tim Heusschen, "Sokratesz", Netherlands, 744 votes
Tomas "ElvenLord" Ljumovic is the 4th Chairman of the Council of Stellar Management, having received the most votes from EVE's playerbase. Other notable players elected include Jason "TeaDaze" Renouf and Asher Dratel (aka "Mrs Trzzbk") who commentated the most recent EVE Alliance Tournament. Greg Russo has also been mentioned on Massively in the past as "Alekseyev Kardde" for his Guide to Hiring Mercenaries, and Song Li of the Missions Collide podcast was elected for a term as well.

Xhagen breaks down the election demographics and statistics, noting that 7.36% of the playerbase voted. Of that group, 2.97% (629 voters) only voted to select "abstain". He also looks at the voters in terms of account (character) age and nationality and how this relates to the game's playerbase as a whole. If you're interested in reading more on the election (or democratic processes in virtual worlds in general), you can check out the full results in CCP Xhagen's announcement and player response to those results in a related forum thread.

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