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Logitech working on UMD drive add-on for the PSP Go?


There may have been plenty of folks pushing Sony to ditch UMD once and for all with the PSP Go, but there's at least as many sorry to see it left behind, as evidenced by the continued strong sales of the venerable PSP-3000. While nothing's official just yet, it looks like Logitech just might now be set to bridge the divide the two handhelds with a UMD drive add-on of some sort for the PSP Go. That word comes form an unnamed source speaking to CVG, who reportedly said that the only problem with the drive is that "it'll make the PSP a little bulky," but offered no other details. Of course, there's also the small problem that the add-on would only add more to the cost of the PSP Go along with the bulk, thereby making the PSP-3000 an even more attractive option, but we'll hold off on any futher speculation until this thing gets a bit more real.

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