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More details on Allods Online gameplay

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

The second round of closed beta testing is underway for Allods Online, and Keen from Keen and Graev's Gaming Blog is one of the participants. Luckily for us he's in a sharing mood, and passed along some great advice in his latest blog entry.

Keen has spent a fair amount of time exploring the game and getting a feel for how things work, particularly some aspects of gameplay that are a little confusing for new players. Things like rest experience and your allotted fatigue amount can be a bit hard to understand at first glance, but Keen offers some valuable tips on understanding the system. Similarly, his advice on stat allocation will give your character a jump-start, as well as prevent you from making some mistakes thanks to poorly translated tooltips and guides. He also checked out a dungeon, and gives a quick overview of his experiences there; as with the other areas, this provided some handy tips and a nice overview of the dungeon area.

If you're considering Allods Online, the full entry is something you'll want to read. You'll thank us -- and Keen even more so -- if you do.

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