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Nokia E72 now in stock in the New World -- the US, to be specific

Chris Ziegler

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It's been a long, long journey, but Nokia's E72 -- the hotly-anticipated successor to the wildly popular E71 -- is finally available as an unlocked phone directly from Nokia USA following a November release elsewhere. The privilege of upgrading to what could very well be the finest S60 3.2 handset ever made won't be cheap, though: they're charging $469 before tax and shipping, but in exchange, you're getting a 5 megapixel cam, optical d-pad ("Navi Key" in Nokia parlance), and full-on HSPA with up to 10.2Mbps down and 2Mbps up. Of course, you won't get anything close to those speeds in the States -- but hey, you can't drive a Lambo 180 miles per hour on a public street, either.

[Thanks, Pankil]

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