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Rumor: PSP Minis playable on PS3 before Christmas


Since the launch of the PSP Minis digital platform alongside the PSP Go back in October, Sony has showed little more than a passing interest in promoting its bite-sized game service. After playing a decent chunk of games at launch and then barely hearing a whisper since, we've been wondering when the company would show more support for Minis. If what we're hearing from a handful of reliable sources is true, however, the PSP Minis will finally get some attention in the near future as they become playable on the PlayStation 3.

It'll happen "before Christmas," says one source (confirmed as "this month" by others independently), allegedly with the entire selection of Minis (and presumably upcoming releases) to be playable on PlayStation 3 consoles -- with a resolution bump to boot. As for Sony: "We don't comment on rumor or speculation.", so we'll have to leave it in the rumor department for now.

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