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Sanyo's Eneloop Kairo hand warmers just barely beat Old Man Winter to America

Darren Murph

Sanyo's Eneloop line of wares have been slowly but surely crossing the Atlantic (or the Pacific, depending on the preferred route of the day) for some time now, but the all-too-enticing Eneloop Kairo has managed to stay far, far away from North America. Until now, of course. As winter sets in across much of the mainland, Sanyo has just started selling the hand warmers to frigid Yanks. The KIR-SE1S is a single-sided, egg-shaped device that ships in white and pink hues, while the double-sided KIR-SL2S (available in silver and pink) is designed to heat those who feel as if they're living life within an icebox. The single-sided version promises up to four hours of warmth on a full charge, while the two-sided model delivers one to three hours depending on what setting you select. Check 'em out soon for $34.99 and $44.99 in order of mention.

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