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The Daily Grind: Do you prefer good news or bad?

Eliot Lefebvre

Today we're going to be a little bit meta for our discussion topic of the day and ask a very simple question with larger meanings: do you consider yourself on the positive or negative side of the fence? When you see news on the site, do you prefer the good news and the uplifting stories, or would you rather see things with a bit more bite to them? Certainly the negative can be a fair bit more entertaining, and if there's a game you don't like (which many of you seem to have) it's kind of nice to feel vindicated in your dislike. Positive news, on the other hand, can only bolster morale if you're a fan of the game in question -- but you get a lot more fuel out of that than a thin shot of schadenfreude.

So. All things being equal, if we post a story about Game X, which you neither play nor have any strong opinions about -- are you happier if it's good news or bad news? And as a point tied to that, do you generally consider yourself to be a more positive person or a negative one?

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