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The HD Guru tries to burn-in a plasma, but fails

Ben Drawbaugh

We've been telling people for years that burn-in just isn't a problem on modern plasmas, but honestly we haven't ever tried to put are money where are mouth is. Gary Merson doesn't mind trying though -- since it's not like he has to pay for the HDTVs he reviews -- and although he found that freeze framing an image for 10 hours straight failed to burn-in on the 2008 and 2009 plasma models he tried, he's confident that if he put a full white 100 IRE square up on the center of a plasma, with the user mode set to Vivid and contrast maxed out, that after a number of days there would be some signs of burn-in -- so yeah, kind of like testing a water proof watch by throwing it into an abyss. Now of course this doesn't change the fact that everyone believes that burn-in is a problem and that the brightest TV is the best TV, we're just saying.

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