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XStreamHD adds advanced RF remote next to satellite beamed 1080p on its list of promises


It's been a while since we'd heard from XStreamHD, but with yet another CES bearing down the company is ready to talk about its advanced RF One Remote Control. In case you haven't been paying attention over the last two years, it's promising all manner of satellite-delivered 1080p movies with lossless audio, that beam into its media server and then stream to any of its receivers or other DLNA compatible clients in the home. Jennic's microcontroller powers the remote, and it uses Zigbee Pro wireless tech so it will control all the connected devices, even without line of sight. We've added "peek at the media closet" to our list of things to look for at the XStreamHD booth in January, but really we're still waiting to find out when beta testers will get a crack at the service.

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