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Game controlling glove now available for pre-order and 'The Wizard' remakes


We know how hard it can be to expend precious energy on something as trivial as a keyboard – we spend all day doing exactly that! So it's with proud, near-jubilant excitement that we bring you news of the gaming glove "Peregrine," which allows for keyboard-free game playing, becoming available for pre-order.

It's not exactly equipped to handle twitch shooters: the Peregrine was made with MMOs in mind. Rather than push down all those pesky keyboard buttons, it allows for up to 40 different configurable movements instead.The $129 device (that's if you pre-order -- it'll be $149 otherwise) runs on USB and will connect as a keyboard, so compatibility shouldn't be too much of an issue.

You can quit writing your Power Glove 2.0 fanfic right now – this ain't it. We do, however, expect to see a YouTube-derived sequel to The Wizard around the end of January, when the first pre-orders are expected to ship to consumers. Get on that, internet!

[Via Engadget]

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