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Record of Agarest War is largest PSN game ever


If you managed to get into the MAG beta and thought that was a lot of downloading, Aksys' Record of Agarest War is going to blow your mind. The PSN title will weigh in "somewhere around 8 - 10 gigs," an Aksys employee posted on the game's forums. Obviously, eight to ten gigabytes isn't going to be much space for your PS3's big and burly hard drive and it's definitely understandable considering the game was originally a disc-based release in Europe; however, the time it'll take to download all of those gigglebytes is another story.

We suggest starting the download before you go to bed or -- considering the "100 hour" adventure isn't actually out yet -- taking the Delorean up to 88MPH.

[Via Siliconera]

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