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Runes of Magic spreads holiday cheer all around

Eliot Lefebvre

It's that time of the year again, something you could tell by stepping into any mall in the US where seasonal music is now being piped in all day long. There's a connection to be drawn between malls and Runes of Magic, perhaps, since both want you to be ready and willing to buy -- but that doesn't mean Frogster's game isn't willing to give you something as a bit of a present. A lot of games have holiday-themed updates, and Runes of Magic is no exception, but they're pulling out a bit more than usual for this year's celebration.

The update for the game scheduled for mid-December promises to be fairly standard -- holiday-themed decorations in the cities, along with the chance to earn gifts and festive decorations by completing daily quests. But the advent calender is another story. Every day in December up to the 25th, a new piece of art is being put up for fans of the game to enjoy. The first three are already open, and the art work is certainly an attractive treat for the game's many fans. It might even entice you to stop in to the game itself and take a closer look at what they have to offer -- and it's better than going to the mall, since you won't have to listen to the Salvation Army band.

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