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Image credit: is LFM: Priest and Hunter columnists

Dan O'Halloran
Save is looking for new writers for the weekly Spiritual Guidance and Scattered Shots class columns. Every week you will dazzle our readers with your words of wisdom covering everything from leveling guides to raid tactics to PvP strats to major patch analysis to recommended add-ons for all specs and playstyles. You don't need to play all those ways (we all need a life), but you need to be able to research and write on the topics you don't have personal experience with.

If this sounds like the chance you've been waiting for, you'll find all the information you need to apply on our applications page. Be sure to submit everything asked for. Being able to follow simple instructions is part of the job. You have until end of day, Friday, December 11th to send in your app.

As for the former column writers, fear not. Matt Low is staying on board here at to continue his raid healing column and sharding of legendaries (and you can also catch him at World of Matticus). Eddie Carrington is focusing on his personal site, The Hunting Lodge, one of the premiere Hunter community destinations on the Internet.

P.S. Yes, this is a paid position.

EDIT: We have found the columnists we are looking for and are in the process of contracting them now. You should be seeing them in January. Thanks all who applied. In both cases, it was very close call among the top contenders. We'll make an announcement on who they are when the ink on the contracts are dry.

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