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Artix Entertainment acquires EpicDuel, starts test of master account system


Artix Entertainment (soon to be Battle On Games), the team behind the easily addicting AdventureQuest series of games and the AQ Worlds flash MMO, has recently announced their acquisition of another flash-based pseudo-MMO -- EpicDuel.

The EpicDuel team has been completely integrated into the Artix Entertainment staff, keeping them in charge of their own game while still allowing them the expanded resources and technology that drives the Artix Entertainment products. To celebrate, EpicDuel is getting a complete overhaul, including adding hips (which was a whopping 3,500 frames of animation changes alone), a new player housing system, changes to the battle system, and more.

All of this comes with the new test of the Artix master account system, which will unify accounts across all Artix Entertainment games with a master login. This will, of course, include AdventureQuest Worlds, our specific title of interest here on Massively.

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