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Dungeons and Dragons Online developer tour: The Dreaming Dark

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Back in October, the kind folks at Turbine invited us along on a tour of Dungeons and Dragons Online's Update One, where we enjoyed an introduction to the newest Adventure Pack: "The Path of Inspiration." This month, we got the same treatment for the Update Two, which is scheduled to arrive later this month. If you enjoyed the Inspired storyline, you'll love this one.

The Path of Inspiration introduced us to the Plane of Dreams, and this time we'll revisit the area in the culmination to the storyline that we began in Update One. This new Adventure Pack -- The Dreaming Dark -- is named for the creatures controlling the Inspired cult. We defeated the citizens of Dar Qat in Update One and now it's time to take on their masters. Follow along after the jump to explore The Dreaming Dark with us in this exclusive early dev tour.

As was mentioned with Update One, Dungeons and Dragons Online has moved away from the "module" format that they used previously, and changed to an "update" format. Updates will consist of at least a content update and sometimes more, like the many new features we enjoyed in Update One as well as the newest Update Two. This update is smaller, consisting of a brand new Adventure Pack and much more.

We start our adventure with a familiar face. Lord Gerald Goodblade found something, and he wants you to check it out. He's got an Ancient Draco-Forged Statue of Ultimate Truth (it's a Warforged Titan), and Goodblade claims that if you stare into its eyes, it will bestow upon you "visions beyond mortal comprehension". Well, there's no reason not to trust Lord Goodblade of all people, so we accepted the quest and stepped up to take a look.

We became familiar with the Plane of Dreams during our adventures in the Path of Inspiration, but we're going a bit farther this time, actually entering the Titan's memories inside the Plane of Dreams. Once you enter the Titan's memory, the Dreaming Dark senses your arrival and begins sending minions to stop you. As you move through the memory, you'll pause fairly often as the Dreaming Dark attempts to stop you from seeing it. Surprising new facts and familiar faces will pop up occasionally as well, until you reach the defeat of the Titan and the end of its memory.

You're nowhere near finished, though -- Turbine usually doesn't disappoint when they bring new content, and The Dreaming Dark is no exception. There are five quests in this Adventure Pack that ultimately seek to prevent the Dreaming Dark creatures from invading Eberron: The Eye of the Titan, Reclaiming Memories, Raiding the Giants' Vault, Mining for Ancient Secrets, and Dal Quor. You'll encounter old and new foes, overcome significant obstacles, and enjoy some fun new features in the Plane of Dreams.

The Dreaming Dark will be available very soon, so enjoy the extensive gallery of screenshots we took during our tour while you wait to check it out for yourself. As always, our thanks go out to the Turbine team for the time they took to set up and run the tour: Executive Producer Fernando Paiz, Lead Systems Designer Steve Muray, Producer Eric Boyer, and Senior Content Designer Charles Miles.

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