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Golgoth Studio gets Nintendo developer license, solicits retro remake ideas


French indie dev Golgoth Studio announced today via its Twitter feed that it has become a licensed Wii and DS developer. The company came out swinging like a giant ape -- an ape named Toki to be exact -- back in October. While its HD remake of the Data East classic Toki has been confirmed for Xbox Live Arcade, the five-person team also has preparing a similar retooling of Joe and Mac: Caveman Ninja underway for an undisclosed platform.

Given this latest news, the game could appear for WiiWare (and/or DSiWare) or, of course, neither. Golgoth is asking its growing list of followers to let it know what other retro classics they'd like to see "remixed," so it's altogether possible that Nintendo platforms will see some results from the, er ... results of the informal survey. Let's hear your ideas in comment, but don't forget to submit 'em to Golgoth at its official forums.

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Source -- Twitter [Developer License]
Source -- Twitter [Remake Poll]

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