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Harman Kardon's transparent GLA-55 2.0 speaker set gets glaring $1,000 price tag

Darren Murph

Look, we've no qualms with Harman Kardon -- in fact, we've been continually impressed with its wares over the years -- but we're about 99 percent sure we'd never pay a cool grand for a 2.0 speaker set. Yeah, as in a pair of speakers and no subwoofer. Clearly designed for "high-end consumers," the GLA-55 is a two piece setup meant for fashion-forward desks and bedroom nightstands. The set relies on Atlas AL and CMMD transducers, with the former capable of nearly 1-inch peak-to-peak travel for what we're told is exceptional bass response. That said, we find it tough to fathom that a pair of speakers such as this could really be worth the $999.99 MSRP, but we'll be sure to withhold final judgment until Jim Goodnight (or similar) brings over his dog's set for us to try out.

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