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Namco Bandai adopts stereoscopic 3D dev tools


In the near future, the Prince of All Cosmos may roll a Katamari at you! Or some blood in Splatterhouse may splatter at you! Mr. Driller may drill at you! Other Namco characters may perform their signature actions directly into your face! That's because Namco Bandai has licensed RealD's Stereoscopic Gaming API.

The software allows Banamco not only to render visuals in RealD's stereoscopic 3D format, but also to implement automatic camera movements for optimal 3D viewing, and head tracking with a camera peripheral. The software will be used in the development of "upcoming as yet unannounced NAMCO BANDAI Games titles," allowing us to continue thinking of things for the developer to make 3D. Like Metro-Cross! It would be like large soda cans are rolling at you!

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