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Bento for iPhone / iPod touch reaches sales milestone


While it's no big deal for a free game or social networking app to reach a million downloads from the App Store, it is definitely news when a brand-name productivity app sells 100,000 copies. Bento for iPhone / iPod touch [US$4.99, iTunes Link] reached that milestone today, according to a press release from FileMaker, Inc.

Bento works very well as a standalone iPhone app, and becomes even more powerful when synced with the desktop version of the app (2.0v5 or 3.0 for Mac). The app comes with 25 pre-defined templates that can be customized to your needs, or you can create your own databases (Bento calls them "libraries") by opening a blank template and adding your choice from a selection of fifteen different field types. I've personally found the standalone app to be a lifesaver when I need to create a custom database for storing information on my iPhone.

The FileMaker announcement should come as welcome news for developers who are working on more mainstream or enterprise-oriented apps for the iPhone / iPod touch platform.

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