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British MP hopes to expand Gamers' Voice advocacy group

Last month, we wrote about Facebook-based advocacy group Gamers' Voice, British Labor MP Tom Watson's initiative to combat the wave of negative press garnered by violent video games and gaming culture as a whole. At the time that story was published, the group had a few hundred members. Just two weeks after the story was published, the group had over 15,000 members.

According to a recent interview with IndustryGamers, Watson is inviting the group's ranks to join him at the British House of Commons tomorrow to discuss the future of the group. However, he's already seen results in Parliament, where his fellow politicians have shown interest in learning about the issues that pertain to games and have asked about connecting with gamers. Watson's personal goals are fairly reasonable: To stop the media's attacks on the entire industry "because one scene in one game is unpleasant to one journalist," and to "get a balanced view about what games really are."

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