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First Nooks begin shipping as demo (and retail?) units hit stores


You've waited and waited and now it's happening: the first Nooks are shipping. Those of you who pre-ordered early will receive your Nook in the "next day or two," while anyone with a December 7th confirmation date will now receive theirs on the 16th -- delayed, sure, but at least it'll be home before the chubby man and his elves arrive with the in-laws. Select Barnes & Noble stores are also receiving the first demo units. A quick search with the handy Nook locator tool reveals broad availability of demo units across the US. Interestingly enough, we found a single store (Lincoln Triangle, Manhattan) showing an in stock "pick me up" option for what appears to be the ability to reserve a Nook for purchase, as unlikely as that sounds given the limited supplies. Still, if you're in NYC and like to gamble, and you just can't wait for the first firmware update to tweak the performance and interface issues we found, then you might want to arrive at 9am when the store opens.

Update: We gave the Lincoln Triangle store a call this morning, and they definitely don't have any Nooks in stock!

[Thanks, Kris]

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