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Takeuchi on marketing Lost Planet 2 across our planet


Lost Planet 2 may be produced in Japan by Japanese developers at a Japanese company, but it's rooted in Western design philosophies -- namely, the art of shooting. In a Capcom published developer interview, producer Jun Takeuchi explained the company's marketing strategies in and outside of Japan.

"In foreign countries that account for a large share of sales," Takeuchi said, "we are going to rely on the brand recognition of Lost Planet and emphasize the new features in the game, as well as four player co-op mode." To emphasize the parts of the game that Japanese gamers might be more interested in, Takeuchi suggested, "we're going to focus on pushing the concept of 'enjoying four player co-op mode' instead of the fact that this game is an action shooter." In other words, Capcom's hoping to make Lost Planet 2 sound as much like Monster Hunter as possible.

Additionally, as part of its "Single Content Multiple Usage" multimedia initiative, Takeuchi said that Capcom may extend Lost Planet to manga as a promotional tool in Japan.

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